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YOUR path to Black Belt

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Monday, 05 February 2018. Posted in All About Martial Arts

A personal journey to success.

Hailey Kick 2YOUR path to Black Belt

 The path to Black Belt is very personal.  The important thing for everyone to know is that there is a path.  When people watch those of us who have already achieved Black Belt, they sometimes compare themselves to those of us who have spent 5 years or 35 years getting to where we are in the martial arts.  That is the big mistake.  The path is defined and easy to follow, but takes a good attitude and the ability to commit to something that is important to you.  You do not have to have a natural talent for it.  We will teach techniques to you that seem foreign at first but become comfortable and eventually show off your talent.

Mr. O's Holiday Message from 1994 still has value

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Tuesday, 28 November 2017. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Expressing Love is the best way to enrich life

1996In 1994, Rob Olevsky, or as we call him, Mr. O.,

wrote an article around the holiday season.  I think

it is worth a re-print as it appears to be a timeless message. 

I hope you enjoy it and share it with your friends and family.


Why should children start Karate as early as 3 years old?

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Thursday, 26 October 2017. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Building physical skills and focus at an early age

cutest winner eveThere used to be a time, when someone asked me what I thought was the perfect age for a child to start taking Karate, I would generally answer with “eight years old” as the best age.  However, we actually start teaching children in our Little Samurai class at 3 years old.  I am pretty sure, we explored teaching pre-school martial arts, because of the requests from parents of our older kids.  That was about 18 years ago.  Now I have a totally different outlook on teaching this age group. 

My teenager is driving me crazy!

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Monday, 26 June 2017. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Martial Arts Classes can be your secret weapon

teens and kids smallWhen your teen is driving you crazy with his or her decisions, remember this is a phase and they are good people.  It is not uncommon for a teen to start to show a side to their parents that they have never seen before.  Your normally perfect child, all of a sudden starts making decisions that are questionable, at least, and maybe even a little dangerous.

Who takes Karate?

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All kinds of people, with different reasons, enjoy Karate.

BlackBelt 2017 small

Who takes Karate?

There are so many different types of people who take Karate, but there are also similarities. We teach pre-school children, children ages 5-12, teens, and adults.  

We find that in the children, we often get the children who do not choose to participate in team sports.  Or, if they do participate in team sports, their parents have already noticed that sooner or later, there will be a time where they can’t move forward.  If you are not the best on the team, you don’t move up to the next best team.   There are children who enjoy team sports but just don’t thrive in the sport.  There are children who just really don’t like team sports at all.  Most children thrive in Karate!

Thirty Years Later - a story of 30 years as a female Black Belt

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A Black Belt Anniversary

robkathy1985Thirty Years Later

I celebrated my 30th year as a Black Belt this month.  I was promoted to my 1st Degree Black Belt on December 18th, 1986.

In fact, I started taking Karate right after I moved back home following my college years.  I had gone to college to become an elementary school counselor, only to find out that I had to first become a teacher.  Once I did my student teaching, I decided that this was not my career choice after all.  That was an interesting time.  I had just spent 4 years in college and now I had to figure out what to do with my life.

Halloween Safety Tips!

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Have fun and be safe this Halloween.

blogpic5 Tips for Staying Safe on Halloween
(thanks to Stephen Reinstein for these tips)
Halloween is such a fun time of the year for children; but when children encounter tricks instead of treats, this holiday can become very scary – and not just because of the decorations and frightening costumes. Abductions, bullying, candy that has been compromised are all things that can make Halloween a scary holiday for children and parents.

Why isn't everyone a Black Belt?

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Wednesday, 12 October 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

The work is hard and the journey is fun.

Promotion Ceremnoy shot 4How many times have your friends in the martial arts said, “I don’t know why more people don’t study the martial arts”?  Well, I can answer that question.  The perception is that it is something special and not everyone can do it.  In fact, it is just the opposite.  Working towards Black Belt takes discipline, but this is a learned skill and anyone can do it. 

While we want every Black Belt to feel special because of the effort and dedication they have put in, we also want them to make their friends believe that they can do it too.  It is an amazing accomplishment for those that put the work in.  But, just like anything else important in life, if you want to do it, you can reach this goal.  

The Journey to Black Belt

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We are a Black Belt School

Mr.O promoceremonyThe Journey to Black Belt

When I first started in the martial arts back in the late 1970’s, it was common to hear an instructor say to a student that only 1 in 1000 would make it to Black Belt.  That statement was a source of pride.  It meant that a Black Belt was to be truly honored.  It meant that a Black Belt was not a common man (or woman).  It was said with good intentions, but it did irreparable harm.

Great Female Role Models

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The Olympics gave our daughters some great inspiration.

Great Female Role Models

by Kathy Olevsky



As an 8th Degree Black Belt in Karate, I often found it hard to find my role models in a male dominated sport.  I was interviewed for an award once, and told the reporter, my amazingly strong mother was my best role model.  The past 10 days have given us some great female role models for the young women and girls in the United States.  Do you want to know what hard work, focus and determination can give you?  Take a look at these outstanding Gold Medal examples!


Karate was an investment in the future for my children

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Monday, 27 June 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Give your child the gift of martial arts

By Kathy Olevskyfamily

I had a parent recently tell me they were interested in Karate for their daughter who was 6 years old.  They postponed trying out Karate because they were considering basketball and swimming.  It made me consider, that I had a few thoughts to share on that subject.  I find that keeping children busy in sports and learning is a great part of helping children moving forward in a healthy way and away from things that would tempt them into an unhealthy childhood journey.  So, when this parent said they were exploring basketball and swimming for their child and they were not sure if Karate was going to fit in right now, I totally understood.  There are plenty of outstanding adults in the world who found their passion in basketball and swimming.  

Summer is the best time for Martial Arts

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Wednesday, 15 June 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Stay-cations in Karate!

teens and kids 1Summer Karate Training is an Opportunity

By Kathy Olevsky

We often find that when Summer rolls around, some great things can happen.  Students often ramp up their Karate training.  We like to think of the summer as the best time to give it everything you can!

Your Child Is Not Perfect Yet

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Wednesday, 11 May 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

They will be Awesome by the time they get to Black Belt!

Your Child is Not Perfect Yet!

By Kathy Olevsky

Over the years, we have met with many different types of parents.  I will say, Mr.O promoceremonyby far, there are the parents who are disturbed that their children act out a little bit in classes or talk too much.  We just want you to know, your child may not be perfect in classes yet, but they will be AWESOME by the time they are Black Belts.

Kudos to Jackie

Written by Kathy Olevsky on Sunday, 14 February 2016. Posted in All About Martial Arts

Everyone is on their own journey in Karate

Kudos to Jackie
Jackie started in Karate, the same day as the rest of her family.  Her Dad had some Karate prior experience, years before and was already a Black Belt, but her Mom and sister started as beginners.  They all started classes in December of 2011.
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